Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Supersmile best whitening toothpaste review

Would you be interested in using a quality product toothpaste from a popular and registered American company? then i will show you some reviews about some Best Whitening Toothpaste that help you for having a nice and healthy teeth,so the first thing is watching this video for more informations about Supersmile toothpaste.

Supersmile toothpaste - best whitening toothpaste

Review 1 From Beauty

Fighting stains from coffee and cigarettes tends to be a losing battle. My teeth have proven difficult to restore noticeable whiteness to, having tried many products that claim results are assured. Whitening toothpastes & strips are pointless. High strength gels help, but progress is slow, treatment hours pile up, and I don't have the patience to sit with slots of goop in my mouth for days or weeks. I tried supersmile only to treat myself to a high end product and to find out if the claims to extreme cleaning panned out. I ignored the "Whitening" claim and had no expectations in that area. The results are genuine and surprising. The cleaning is far superior to any other paste, period. But the whitening action is obvious and the results come quickly. I am never going to use anything else but this product. I recommend this whole-heartedly. If you're curious, try it. It is worth the price.

Review 2 From truthinaging

On behalf of Supersmile, I’d like to thank for your outstanding review of our Advanced Professional Whitening System. If I may, I would like to address some inaccuracies in your post surrounding the ingredients cited. For starters, CALRPOX is Supersmile’s proprietary whitening ingredient. It was invented by Dr. Irwin Smigel, who was at the forefront cosmetic movement within dentistry, pioneered the burgeoning “whitening toothpaste” category as we know it today, and was officially recognized in June as “The Father of Aesthetic Dentistry” by the National Museum of Dentistry, an affiliate of the Smithsonian, in a permanent exhibition called The Smile Experience.

CALPROX does not exist in any other whitening product - only Supersmile. The reason Supersmile is different from other home whitening systems is that it’s convenient to use (no trays, no strips, no waiting around) and will yield better results in a shorter amount of time (6 to 8 shades lighter in just 6 to 8 brushings) with no downside – no sensitivity, no erosion to the enamel and no chance of over-bleaching. In fact, it will help strengthen tooth enamel! Additionally, Supersmile works on ALL tooth surfaces, including restorations, such as caps, crowns, bonding, veneers, braces and dentures – whereas many alternative whitening systems only work on natural teeth. 

If you or your readers have additional questions relative to whitening, we can be reached at Supersmile.com. Thank you again for featuring Supersmile on your site.

Best wishes, Lori Diamond, communications director

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Colgate Whitening review

I am a toothpaste snob and have always bought the best such as Rembrandt, Mentadent, or Crest 3D because good toothpaste (including a Sonicare toothbrush) is so much better/cheaper than dental work.

befor continue reading this review watch this video for more informations about Colgate Whitening review

The Optic White looks unimpressive as just a plain white paste. No stripes, twin tubes, sparkles, or any flavor-bursting crystals or strips. I was not expecting much, but after using it, I am so impressed with this that this will become my new toothpaste. It has a lot of silica in it, so it feels more abrasive than others, but it does the trick (along with some nominal amounts of hydrogen peroxide) to actually whiten my teeth as good or better than any other toothpaste I've used.

It also comes with a relatively high amount of fluoride at 0.76%. This is compared to the Crest 3D at 0.243% (or triple) while the Crest Pro Health lists 0.454%.

Additionally, I've found with a lot of toothpastes such as Crest Pro Health that they contain some kind of ingredient (one of the gingivitis or plaque chemicals) that tends to dissolve my mouth. With those other toothpastes, I get an annoying slough-off of a layer of mouth skin. I asked my dentist, and she said it is one of the chemicals and likely an irritant to my gums. Well, this Colgate Optic White does not have that ingredient yet cleans my teeth really well. I'm sure that Colgate has done their homework, but it is too early to tell if the additional silica will result in increased enamel wear.

Another note about Sparkling Mint is that it is really a bright mint flavor. Your mouth will feel really sparkling and cool which I kind of like, but some may find the flavor too strong.

I would highly recommend this toothpaste.

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Mentadent toothpaste review

Mentadent toothpaste review

I used to purchase the 12-pack of Mentadent in Sam's Club however they don't carry it anymore. Neither does any of the major retailer chains like Walmart or Target, not even the single dispensers. So once again, I typed this in the search here and voila, I'm back in business! Thanks Amazon! I will add this to my automatic replenishment! This is the third item I've found on Amazon that is no available anywhere else! You guys rule.
PS: Just in case, get the 6-pack with the dispensers and save them, then if they become unavailable, you can at least order the refills! Great product and the pump dispenser is great, no more "squeeze in the middle" tubes.as bonus watch this video for more informations 

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whitening toothpaste product

hello guys,Many people these days are keen on whitening their teeth. This may be for dating, a new job interview, or for just everyday use. So many people are wondering which whitening product to use.Rembrandt Whitening Plus & sensodyne whitening is one of the better ones. It works to remove stains from food, colas, and coffee and more.and in this article i wille show this 2 whitening product to use and healthy for your teeth.

First toothpaste is Rembrandt Plus watch this video for more informations 

Second toothpaste is sensodyne whitening watch this video for more informations

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